In South Carolina we worked with 300 doctors to create and implemented a simple system to improve preventative medicine by more than ten percent. We specialize in what we do that others think is impossible, What can we innovate for you?

Practical and Innovative Consulting:

At Behavioral Health Innovation we roll up our sleeves and come alongside companies to improve marketing, management and operations. We ensure that the innovative solutions created are based on proven concepts, and fit the client’s culture and business climate – but, we deliver more than just ideas. We can fulfill them too. Through innovative marketing, referral development and operational improvements, we’ve helped hospital systems, counseling centers, Federal and State health agencies and telemedicine counseling practices reach more people, more efficiently.

Our experience as clinicians, counselor supervisors, managers and practice owners help us create solutions that are both clinically and financially sound. From this base of clinical and business experience we provide expert consultation, employee coaching, counselor training and outsource fulfillment of marketing and project management services in behavioral health/mental health counseling centers and hospital/medical settings. As you read about some of the ways we helped others, consider what we can innovate for you.


  • Cost Cutting in Behavioral Health – In order to create new practice efficiency and cut costs, we introduced cost cutting measures related to new client intake process that saved a multi-site practice more than $100,000 annually.
  • Counseling Practice Improvement – Behavioral Health Innovation help a set of three private practice counseling clinics move from deficit to more than 180% growth within six months by implementing new procedures and training clinicians in new processes. The practice improvements produced the need to hire more clinicians to handle the growth of the centers. The counseling centers were also able to improve their profit margins and increase their market reach.
  • Pioneering in Online Counseling – The State of Wyoming needed help providing mental health services to rural residents. We spearheaded the design and development of an encrypted online counseling platform that allows therapists to interact with clients in the client’s home. It was the first state-wide online counseling center of its kind in the US. We also created a unique multi-faceted marketing campaign to connect providers, clients and the community to these resources. We track all of the technologies and apps for online therapy at

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There are many more success stories to tell. From individual practitioner to hospital systems to state government, BHI will meet you at your point of need and help you identify a clear path to your goals. Fill out the Contact form to see what we can innovate for you.

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Fill out the Contact form to see what we can innovate for you.