We’ve been empowering counselors with the latest technologies and marketing methods to counsel clients online. Our tele-mental health programs are allowing clinicians to reach more clients with less cost. What can we innovate for you?

The counseling industry is changing at a rapid pace as technology has empowered counselors to safely and securely help people who have rarely had access to professional counseling. Most of the fifty states now have guidance and policy set by the state license boards to govern online therapy. In addition, many states are now mandating the same reimbursement for telemedicine as face to face care. Insurance companies are beginning to reimburse for these services in growing numbers.

Behavioral Health Innovation has been involved in the design and development of several well known online counseling software platforms. In addition, we’ve helped state agencies, medical clinics, hospitals and private counseling practices choose HIPAA and HITECH compliant technology for online counseling. In order to help clinics begin helping clients online, we’ve also trained providers regarding online counseling practices, built business and marketing systems for obtaining clients and provided clinical supervision for online counselors. In addition, we’ve helped clients develop and launch niche telemedicine programs in online counseling. ~ What can we innovate for you?

RESOURCES ~ We are compiling and organizing materials related to online counseling technology (a comparison of current technologies on the market). You can view our beta site at If you would like certain information about any of these topics immediately or if you’d like to contribute, please contact us at the link below.

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